With our Classroom module, we have digitised the management of physical courses. You can set up course topics, plan course sessions, manage participant lists, and delegate responsibilities for registration and follow-up.

Your employees sign up for course sessions themselves, and the follow-up is handled by an instructor. This means you’ll save a lot of time-consuming work, as everything is set up to run in a decentralised manner. The physical course administration will thus become more efficient when you consolidate everything in Learning Arena.


As an administrator, you can set up your physical courses in the module’s course catalog. Once you have planned the course sessions, you grant various employee groups access to register for relevant courses.


Registration and Approval

Employees then have the opportunity to sign up for courses directly within the platform. This saves on administration since a manager does not necessarily need to be involved in the registration.

If desired, however, the module can be set up so that the employee’s immediate manager must approve their participation in a course. This manager can always access registration lists directly in Learning Arena and can then approve or reject employees’ participation in a course.

Additionally, a manager can also enroll employees in a course if deemed relevant.

Once a course registration is approved, a meeting invitation is sent directly to the employee’s email.



The instructor for a given course is responsible for follow-up. This involves registering the attendance of each participant and assigning a grade or pass/fail status to each individual. This is done directly in Learning Arena, and the employee’s immediate manager is notified of the follow-up.

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