A large network of users

We have many dedicated daily users of the Learning Arena LMS who actively participate in knowledge sharing across companies. Over the years, a dedicated network has been created with the purpose of sharing learning and collaboration.

This provides our users with a unique opportunity to enhance their use of the Learning Arena and thereby achieve better employee training.

Learning Arena Users Group Meetup

The biannual Learning Arena Users Group Meetup are the cornerstone of our network and the engagement within the community surrounding the Learning Arena LMS. These meetings are designed to create a space for knowledge sharing, ideas, and best practices. Each time, we gather a large group of daily users who are eager to acquire new knowledge.

At these meetings, there is an opportunity to expand networks and build connections with other skilled professionals. You will meet colleagues facing similar challenges and have different perspectives and experiences to share. Through exchange of experiences, we will learn from each other.

Each meeting will feature presentations by relevant speakers, and there will also be discussions on functionality as well as upcoming features from our development department.

Would you like to know more about Learning Arena LMS?

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