Create e-learning courses yourself

You can develop your own e-learning courses directly through Learning Arena LMS. Customise the content to fit your company’s design and needs.

It’s a powerful and 100% web-based tool for course developers who want to create engaging digital learning.

With Learning Arena’s authoring tool, it’s possible to create content with great flexibility, allowing easy customization of layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements to fit your specific needs and brand identity. Additionally, administrators can add quizzes and tests to courses to assess understanding of the material.


Overall, the built-in authoring tool provides course developers with the ability to create professionally designed and interactive e-learning courses quickly and easily. This increases productivity and enables training of your employees in your own unique way.




You can create fun and motivating learning experiences with gamification and knowledge games. By combining learning with familiar gaming elements, our tool provides your employees with the opportunity to learn and play at the same time.


Hvad er gamification?

Gamification is a fun and alternative way of learning. It combines familiar gaming elements with theory, creating an enjoyable and motivating learning experience. These knowledge games are preferred by many of our clients who aim to educate employees in a new and modern way.


Gamification as a Learning Method

Gamification works well with users because it’s a fun and stimulating way to learn. The format is mobile-friendly, allowing users to easily access a game via their smartphones anytime, anywhere. At many of our clients, we see that employees engage with the games outside of normal working hours.


As a learning method, gamification is particularly advantageous for training that needs to be relatively simple. The format consists of short questions and few answer options, ensuring the material isn’t too extensive but rather effective. Knowledge games work especially well for product training, brand awareness, or creating quizzes on relevant topics.

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