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Conzentrate offers free support for one administrator per license on our Learning Arena LMS

Our support team is here to assist with any challenges or questions you may have regarding the use of our platform. The support consists of experienced specialists who have a deep understanding of Learning Arena LMS. As an administrator, you can always contact us via phone, email, or support portal, whichever suits you best. Additionally, we have instructional modules on using Learning Arena that can also assist administrators.

Whether you need help navigating Learning Arena’s features, resolving technical issues, or answering questions about Learning Arena, we are ready to guide you. We strive to always provide quick and accurate responses.

If desired, we can also handle your first-line support, so it’s not just your administrator, but all your employees who can contact our support if they need assistance or have questions about Learning Arena.







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We are always ready to have a conversation with you so you can get a free demo of our Learning Management System.

Our team specialises in digital learning, and we can always tailor a solution that fits your needs perfectly.