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We are the obvious choice as a provider of a Learning Management System and your digital learning universe

Leading Provider of Learning Management System

With nearly 20 years of experience as a provider of our Learning Content Management System, Learning Arena, we are the right partner for your digital learning universe. Learning Arena supports your employees’ and partners’ digital learning processes. Learning Arena allows for setup, planning, and execution of e-learning courses, among other features.

Additionally, our platform includes a wide range of add-on options. For example, it is possible to integrate a webshop, meeting scheduling, file sharing, news, and much more into the platform, allowing it to support all your needs for internal and external training and education.

We advise and assist you in finding the right solution.


High Expertise in Digital Learning

For the production of e-learning courses, we have a strong team dedicated to creating interactive and engaging learning experiences. We offer custom course production tailored to your needs and learning objectives. Additionally, we provide standard e-learning courses covering topics such as GDPR, IT security, the new holiday law, personal effectiveness, SMART goals, comma rules, Microsoft Office, leadership courses, and online marketing.


We can assist with:

  •  Project management
  •  4MAT-certified scriptwriters
  •  Graphics, photography, and video production
  •  Professional voiceover talent


Additionally, we can offer standard e-learning courses in GDPR, IT security, Ethics & Compliance, Personal effectiveness, SMART goals, Microsoft Office, and more.



Are you missing a special solution?

We are passionate about learning, and at Conzentrate, we believe in creating effective and inspiring educational experiences. As one of Denmark's leading providers of Learning Management Systems, we are dedicated to helping companies and organisations shape a culture of continuous employee education and development.

Whether you represent a large corporation or a growing startup, our LMS is designed to meet your unique needs. From user-friendly interfaces to advanced reporting tools, our platform offers a comprehensive solution for effectively managing, delivering, and structuring learning.

Contact us today and kickstart the journey towards better learning and development.

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