Recurrent training

Recurrent Training is a data-driven module for managing your compliance training. Learning Arena LMS automatically notifies your employees when they need to maintain their training. This way, you can focus your time on other tasks, as Learning Arena handles all the practical aspects for you.

Planning for Recurrent Training

As an administrator, you can set up and schedule recurring training activities based on your needs and requirements. This ensures that your employees receive regular training on relevant topics.


Automated Reminders end Enrolment

Your employees receive automatic reminders about upcoming training sessions. They can easily track their training directly in Learning Arena. This minimises administrative burden and ensures a high level of participation.


Customisation of Training Content

There is an option to customise the training content based on previous results, individual needs, and specific job functions. This ensures that the training is relevant and targeted to each participant.


Automatic Evaluation and Reporting

Learning Arena LMS offers the ability to automatically evaluate employee performance and generate corresponding reports. This helps management identify strengths and weaknesses across your organization, enabling decisions to be made regarding further training needs.

Recurrent Training is the perfect tool for automating heavy tasks such as managing and monitoring mandatory compliance training.

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