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Learning Arena is modular, allowing you to add more functionality as your company’s needs evolve


This module is designed for companies that work with written assignments as part of employee training. With the assignment module, you have the opportunity to follow this process from start to finish.

Employees can read descriptions, download relevant documents for answering assignments, and subsequently upload their responses either partially or collectively. Afterwards, an instructor can evaluate the assignment with a grade or pass/fail. It is also possible for the instructor to provide comments on individual responses.

It’s easy to assign tasks to specific groups of employees, and assignments can also be included as part of a blended learning approach.



With the community feature, your users can participate in knowledge and experience sharing directly within Learning Arena. Posts and threads can be created for specific target groups, fostering engagement among employees and promoting dialogue across your organisation.



Filesharing is a central document repository where materials can be easily located and reviewed directly through Learning Arena. Documents can be categorized, and differentiated access can be granted to specific documents to target relevant employee groups.

PDF documents can be accessed directly through the built-in PDF reader in Learning Arena, and users can also write their own personal notes on the documents.

Furthermore, the document repository can be searched so that employees can quickly find the right documents.


The news module allows you to send news directly to your employees. You can also differentiate who the news should be sent to, so for example, employees in the sales department do not receive news that only concerns the IT department.

Furthermore, it’s also possible to create news in multiple languages and distribute them to different countries if your company operates across borders.

You can track data on the reading of your news, allowing you to see how many of your employees are reading the content, thus enabling you to constantly evaluate the value of your news content. The module supports push notifications via Learning Arena’s mobile app.



You can conduct end-user surveys to evaluate, for example, the learning provided to your employees. This provides direct feedback after the training, which can help optimize the teaching material and, likewise, the benefits your employees gain from the course.

You determine the focus of your survey, so you can hear your employees’ opinions on whatever you find relevant.

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