Learning Space

Learning Space is a module that digitises your team-based training and allows you to manage everything in one place. Participating employees can track their own and each other’s education, share documents with the instructor and each other, and there is the option to chat with each other in the community section.

By using Learning Space, you gather all aspects of your team-based training in one place, so you don’t have to use different platforms to manage your team-based training.

Learning Space is based on three fundamental components:


Individual Learning Paths

Each employee has their own learning path to follow. This path can include various learning elements, and all employees in a Learning Space can see each other’s progress.


Document Sharing

Both instructors and employees can share documents directly within Learning Space. This centralizes all documents in one place, eliminating the need for instructors or employees to go elsewhere to find teaching materials.


Community and Live Feed

The module includes a built-in chat function, allowing employees participating in the training to communicate and share knowledge with each other and with the instructor. Additionally, the module features a live feed function where everyone can see events such as course completions or document sharing.

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