Pedagogy and learning

We design our e-learning courses based on the 4MAT principles with a focus on
creating engaging and effective learning experiences.

When developing and designing e-learning courses, we utilize the 4MAT principles to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Our approach to e-learning is based on fundamental principles of pedagogy and learning, with a particular focus on the 4MAT model.

The 4MAT model is a structured approach to teaching and learning designed to engage students with different learning styles and levels of understanding. The model consists of four phases: concrete experiences, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

By following this process, you are guided through a deep understanding of the subject matter, leading to better learning and long-term retention. The 4MAT model is suitable for use in various learning contexts, including e-learning, as it can be adapted to different subjects and age groups.

In the design phase of our e-learning courses, we consider the following elements:


Concrete Experiences

We start by presenting concrete situations, case studies, or practical examples that allow you to connect theory with practice. Concrete experiences help create a shared frame of reference that promotes further dialogue.



After presenting the concrete experiences, we encourage you to reflect on your own use of learning and how you view learning as an important element in your company. With these considerations, we delve deeper to provide you with a better understanding and integrate new concepts and ideas.


Abstract Conceptualisation

Next, we introduce theory, concepts, and principles that support the concrete experiences and thoughts you have made. We do this to provide you with a structured framework for understanding and to help you consolidate the thoughts and experiences you have just made.


Active Experimentation

Finally, we encourage you to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practical exercises or projects. This allows you to test your understanding in practice and strengthen your ideas and learning journey.

Our e-learning courses are designed to be interactive and engaging. By using the 4MAT principles, we ensure that learning is holistic, meaningful, and effective.

We look forward to developing your next e-learning courses and supporting you in your digital learning journey!







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