Creating Business with a Webshop

The Webshop enables the sale of education, such as e-learning courses, physical courses, documents, or a combination of these.

The Webshop module is the perfect match for companies looking to offer educational activities based on a payment model. By selling e-learning, you can create a win-win situation where both your customers and your company benefit from the opportunities provided by Learning Arena.



The module functions as a typical Webshop, and once integrated with a payment provider, end users can purchase products directly through Learning Arena LMS. For certain types of learning activities, they can be offered for a limited period or with a lifetime license for unlimited access. Additionally, you can create new content from existing products by bundling them, for example, offering 1 e-learning course and 2 digital books.


The Webshop module provides several advantages to strengthen your company’s revenue strategy:


Flexible pricing and payment options

You can set different prices for courses and materials and offer various payment options such as one-time payments or package deals. This gives your customers flexibility to choose the most suitable payment format. Additionally, you can price your products based on user type, adjusting prices and offering discounts as needed.


Scalable Webshop

A scalable Webshop offers unlimited opportunities to expand and customise your online business. Whether you’re starting as a new business or already have established sales channels, Learning Arena can meet your needs. You can add new products, expand the range, implement new payment methods, and customise your business structure.


User registration and access control

You can manage user registration and access control for paid courses and resources. This allows you to create exclusive content for paying customers and ensure that only the right people have access to paid content.


Reports and analytics

You have the ability to set up reports and analytics on individual product sales, total revenue, and more. This provides insight into the webshop’s performance and allows you to make adjustments and improvements based on data.

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