Several thousand course options

Through Learning Arena LMS, it’s possible to integrate with multiple third-party digital learning providers. This means that your employees, through Learning Arena, can access courses from other providers. It gives you a broader range of courses, and you’re relieved from maintaining and managing the courses. With these standard courses, you can quickly get started with e-learning.



At the moment, Learning Arena LMS integrates with the following providers:


  • SkillSoft Percipio
  • Go1
  • GoLearn


Interplay with Other Learning

Third-party courses can be incorporated into your learning journeys along with your other learning resources. This provides you with more options for designing educational programs.


Data and Reporting

Learning Arena receives all data from third-party providers, allowing you to track your employees’ results directly through reports in Learning Arena.


No Maintenance or Management

Third-party courses require no maintenance or management from your side, as they are offered, updated, and delivered by the third party.


Thousands of Options

Through our third-party providers, you gain access to thousands of standard e-learning courses. If you would like to learn more about them, you can do so here: SkillSoft PercipioGo1 and GoLearn.


Courses at Conzentrate

We also offer a wide range of standard courses that you can purchase directly in your Learning Arena LMS.

If you need custom e-learning solutions, our course production team has many years of experience helping our clients with solutions tailored to their needs.


You can read more about our course production here.

Would you like to learn more about the options for integrating third-party courses?

We would always be happy to have a conversation with you, so you can receive a free demo of our Learning Management System.

Our team specialises in digital learning, and we can always tailor a solution that fits your needs precisely.