Ethics & Compliance

Our e-learning course on Ethics & Compliance is our latest addition to the list of standard courses we offer at Conzentrate.

Through 5 modules, you will learn about ethical behavior and gain knowledge about rules and guidelines within specific areas that apply in a workplace.

Course Content

This e-learning course on Ethics & Compliance is for companies that want to educate their employees about ethical behavior in the workplace. In any workplace, there are some overarching rules and guidelines that all employees need to know and follow. These rules and guidelines are introduced to you through this e-learning course.

The course consists of 5 modules, each with a duration of 2-10 minutes. The modules cover Gifts, Bribery & Corruption, Discrimination, Harassment, and Whistleblower Policy. Throughout the modules, you will be presented with realistic cases to solve based on the knowledge you gain through the course.


What are gifts, and what is bribery? It can be difficult to navigate, but it’s necessary to understand the difference. It’s not always acceptable to receive gifts in a professional context, and it can have significant consequences for the person receiving it if the gift is considered bribery.

This module provides answers to what is considered gifts and what is considered bribery. What are the consequences for you and your workplace if you receive gifts considered as bribery? In which cases is it okay to accept gifts? And what types of gifts are you allowed to accept?

Corruption and Bribery

If bribery and corruption occur in the workplace, it is important to know how to react. This module teaches learners about what bribery and corruption are – and how they can manifest in a workplace.

What should you do if offered a bribe? What are the consequences of accepting it? And how should you act if you suspect bribery or corruption in the workplace?


It is important to create a work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. A good work environment is crucial for employees’ well-being and desire to be in the workplace.

How do you contribute to creating an environment where everyone is treated equally? What defines discrimination, and how should you handle it if you experience it in the workplace?

Offensive Behavior

Offensive behavior can occur in any workplace, and it's important to be aware of it if experienced. Offensive behavior can range from bullying, sexual harassment, racism, or other demeaning actions. In this module, you will learn what offensive behavior is and how to address it if it occurs. What are the consequences of offensive behavior? How should you respond if you are subjected to offensive behavior versus if you are aware of a colleague being subjected to it? And to whom and how should it be reported?

Whistleblower Scheme

A whistleblower scheme is a combination of guidelines and rules regarding the handling of reports. It is a solution that allows companies to be aware of possible errors, workplace issues, criminal activities, or similar matters.

In this module, you will be introduced to the whistleblower scheme and how it is used to report anonymous or non-anonymous disclosures.

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