Digital course in value-based leadership

What makes a good leader, and how does one become one? Regardless of the department in question, our digital leadership course is designed to prepare employees for leadership roles.

Our leadership course focuses on values-based leadership and consists of 18 modules covering everything one needs to know as an existing or aspiring leader.

Values-based Leadership

Effective leadership is essential for motivating and guiding employees to perform at their best in any organisation, ultimately achieving the best results for the company. While there are various types of leaders and styles of leadership, there are overarching values, skills, and competencies one must possess to effectively lead an entire organisation or department. These values, skills, and competencies are addressed in our leadership e-learning course.

Our leadership e-learning course focuses on values-based leadership, aiming to educate current or aspiring leaders on what it entails to lead a department or an entire organisation. Below is an overview of the 18 modules offered in our leadership course.


Course Content

Our leadership e-learning course consists of 18 modules, providing you with competencies, skills, and knowledge on what it takes to be a leader. This covers everything from conducting effective performance appraisal interviews to financial aspects. The course is a combination of ready-made content and tests. This combination is what we call a ‘Learning Path’, ensuring that the course participant goes through all relevant subject matters and understands the course content well enough to apply it in practice.

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