Microsoft Office

Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office, which is a suite of programs used in most workplaces. However, not everyone understands how to use these programs effectively.

Through our e-learning course on Microsoft Office, we introduce employees to the various programs, what they are used for, and how to use them.

Course in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most widely used office suite utilized by workplaces worldwide. And while Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are something most people are familiar with and frequently use, Microsoft Office is much more than that. In our digital course on Microsoft Office, you will gain knowledge, skills, and competencies in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft SharePoint. Below is an overview of the 19 modules that we offer in our Microsoft Office course.


Course Content

The Microsoft Office course is a digital course consisting of a total of 19 modules spread across the various programs contained within Microsoft Office. The 19 modules consist of ready-to-use knowledge and tests. This combination helps ensure that organisations and companies have their employees complete the course with understanding, knowledge, skills, and competencies.

The course consists of the following modules:

Microsoft Word

  •  Basic Course: How to make Word your playground
  •  21 indispensable tips to make your work in Word a breeze

Microsoft Excel

  •  Basic Course: Get acquainted with the most important features in Excel
  •  Formulas: Easily master formulas and functions in Excel
  •  Pivot Tables: Guide to analysing and visualising data
  •  Advanced Excel at expert level
  •  Charts in Excel: 4 methods to visualise data
  •  Advanced data management: Working with datasets
  •  Quick Course: Excel expert’s best tips and tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint

  •  Professional PowerPoint: Captivating and engaging presentations
  •  PowerPoint Basics: Creating a good PowerPoint presentation
  •  Advanced PowerPoint: Creating more WOW effect
  •  Presentation Techniques in PowerPoint: Present professionally

Microsoft Outlook

  •  Stress-Free Outlook: How to achieve an empty inbox every day
  •  Calendar and Effective Task Management in Outlook

Microsoft OneNote

  •  OneNote Basics: Getting started with using notebooks
  •  OneNote 2: Collaborating online in OneNote

Microsoft Teams

  •  Microsoft Teams Basics

Microsoft SharePoint

  •  SharePoint Basics

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