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Learning Arena became Aalborg Forsyning's access card for
several hundred employees.


At Aalborg Forsyning, safety is a top priority for the entire organisation, and with the requirement of zero accidents as a high-risk company, there is a particular focus on ensuring that all employees are aware of the conditions to create a safe working environment.

Therefore, Aalborg Forsyning has set a clear requirement that everyone working for or with the utility company must undergo the company’s digital courses on environmental and workplace safety. These courses are provided by us at Conzentrate through our Learning Management System, Learning Arena. But how do you ensure that employees—both internal and external—complete the required courses before accessing the workplace? For Aalborg Forsyning, this was one of their challenges. A challenge that we at Conzentrate could solve for them.



Aalborg Forsyning’s access control system, Symmetry, is provided by G4S. Previously, employees and external parties were manually entered into the access control system when they needed access to the company’s buildings or permission to work at external locations. When employees’ access needed to be extended or updated, this also required manual handling from the company’s side. It was difficult to maintain an overview of who had access to the building and who needed to update their access cards.

In collaboration with Aalborg Forsyning, we have created a solution where Learning Arena works together with G4S Symmetry for issuing access cards. This means that every time an employee completes one of Aalborg Forsyning’s mandatory e-learning courses on workplace safety, they are automatically registered in G4S Symmetry with a profile that matches the course or courses they have completed. This way, Learning Arena ensures that the skills an employee or external visitor acquires through digital learning directly relate to the parts of the location where the access card is valid.


“At G4S, we are pleased with the collaboration we have with both Aalborg Forsyning and Conzentrate. Through this collaboration, we have developed a really good and easy solution where we help Aalborg Forsyning keep track of all their employees and guests.”

 – Casper Nielsen, Installation Manager at G4S


All employees at Aalborg Forsyning are automatically enrolled in Learning Arena via the utility company’s employee system. This automatic transfer of employee data gives them easy access to Learning Arena. External parties are enrolled by a contact person at Aalborg Forsyning and subsequently receive a link to the SAFE course.

Both internal and external individuals are automatically reminded when it’s time to update their skills to renew their access cards. Learning Arena thus supports a smooth enrollment process and automated reminders to users, minimizing the daily operational effort for Aalborg Forsyning.


“We take our safety seriously. It has been a priority for us to ensure that only those employees who have completed the course have access to the workplace.”

 – Allan Jeppesen, IT Project Manager at Aalborg Forsyning


With its structure, Learning Arena offers a highly flexible approach to developing customer-specific extensions. We are therefore very proud to have been part of driving a significant digital transformation together with Aalborg Forsyning.



In 2019, Aalborg Forsyning began to think differently about their learning materials, which they wanted to update to fully align with the organization. Digital learning was particularly attractive to Aalborg Forsyning, and with this in mind, they put the task out to tender to various suppliers. We won the tender at Conzentrate because both quality and price were aligned.


“We wanted to create new learning materials with more specific communication and the ability to change the content.”

 – Allan Jeppesen, IT Project Manager at Aalborg Forsyning



Aalborg Forsyning has both internal and external employees. With environmental and workplace safety as a top priority in the workplace, Aalborg Forsyning aims to create safety courses for all internal and external employees. It is a requirement that all internal and external employees complete these courses to be allowed to work for or with the utility company.


“We take our safety seriously. It has been a priority for us to ensure that only those employees who have completed the course have access to the workplace.”

– Allan Jeppesen, IT Project Manager at Aalborg Forsyning


In collaboration with Aalborg Forsyning, we at Conzentrate have developed a completely new concept and produced the safety courses called SAFE. The SAFE courses consist of informative animations that clearly communicate relevant information to employees based on their job function and work area. We have developed the SAFE courses based on the needs and requirements that Aalborg Forsyning has for creating a good and safe working environment.

In the middle of the summer holiday period, on July 1, 2021, the courses were launched, and invitations to the courses were sent out to around 500 internal employees. After just 2 months, Aalborg Forsyning could report that a whopping 93% of internal employees had completed the courses, thus increasing awareness of workplace safety.



Aalborg Forsyning has high demands for learning content, including that the courses must be effective and easy to complete for employees while maintaining a high level of expertise. We can confidently say that we met those demands.


“All our employees have completed the courses, and we are very happy that we have now enhanced our knowledge of safety in our workplace.”

– Frank Folden Jensen, Health and Safety Representative at Aalborg Forsyning


At Conzentrate, we are accustomed to working with companies and organizations where regulations can have a significant impact on the requirements for educational content. It was therefore an exciting challenge for us when Aalborg Forsyning made us aware that the learning material we provided needed to meet the requirement for web accessibility.

The courses we have delivered to Aalborg Forsyning are 100% user-friendly for, for example, visually and hearing impaired individuals and comply with the requirement for web accessibility. In addition to the requirement for web accessibility, Aalborg Forsyning needs to deliver the courses in 5 different languages. Especially with external employees at Aalborg Forsyning, there is a great diversity, and with a need to offer learning materials to all employees, it is necessary for the utility company to provide different language versions of the learning content.

Conzentrate collaborates with several international companies operating in the global market. We are therefore accustomed to delivering learning content in multiple language versions. Today, we have delivered the SAFE courses to Aalborg Forsyning in Danish, English, German, Polish, and Russian.


“For us, it is important that our safety materials are of high quality before we present them to our employees and partners.”

– Frank Folden Jensen, Health and Safety Representative at Aalborg Forsyning


At Conzentrate, we are pleased to contribute learning materials that help ensure a safe working environment for all employees at Aalborg Forsyning.

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