From manual handling of Compliance Tasks to a fully automated Digital Solution


What initially started as a collaboration to develop an e-learning course for approximately 900 danbolig employees spread across 150 stores, focusing on ethics and behavior as brokers in danbolig, led to the creation of a digital compliance portal.

In addition to danbolig’s need to produce e-learning courses with us, they saw a great opportunity in our LMS, Learning Arena. At danbolig, there was a need for a digital platform through which they could offer e-learning courses and other compliance tasks to all stores nationwide. They wanted a platform that could contribute to efficient management of their compliance training while also ensuring quality assurance of both franchisees’ and employees’ competencies and knowledge. At Conzentrate, we could deliver exactly what danbolig was looking for.


“Learning Arena from Conzentrate was the starting point for our compliance portal at danbolig. The platform could accommodate the needs we had regarding follow-up and control of the compliance tasks we send out to the stores.”

– Katja Otto Ebbeskov, IT Project Manager at danbolig


In danbolig, compliance training is a significant part of the organization’s security to ensure that all brokers comply with the requirements set by the authorities for the Danish broker industry. The collaboration has resulted in a compliance portal for danbolig, where automation is key. Katja, who is an IT project manager at danbolig, describes the previous process of rolling out compliance tasks and following up on them as a “hopeless manual process.” What previously required several full working days is now automated. This automation has saved danbolig both time and resources. Today, danbolig can roll out compliance training to all 150 stores in minutes. Follow-up and checklists are generated entirely automatically through the compliance portal.


“With Learning Arena as our compliance portal, we have gained a strong overview of which employees have completed the mandatory training. We have obtained an efficient tool for easily managing and following up on the training we send out to the stores.”

– Katja Otto Ebbeskov, IT Project Manager at danbolig


Learning Arena as a Compliance Portal

The compliance portal has contributed to a stronger overview of which employees have completed the various courses – and which employees still need to complete them. This overview is particularly advantageous for the head office, which can easily reach out to the stores, as they can quickly assess incomplete training.

And not only is this overview advantageous for the head office. With the compliance portal, franchisees also have access to an overview where they can see the learning progress of each employee employed in their store. An overview that removes a workload from the head office because franchisees themselves have the opportunity to follow up on their employees. Here, it is their responsibility to ensure that they complete the learning provided. With this overview, it has become more efficient for danbolig to conduct spot checks since they have all employees’ data on completed courses available directly through the compliance portal.


The vision is a digital bookshelf

For danbolig, it is advantageous that all compliance training is gathered on one platform. One reason is that store owners and their employees do not have to go through multiple systems to complete the mandatory training.

danbolig has a clear vision of the impact the compliance portal should have on the organisation in the long run. They have an ambition to say goodbye to the physical folders and binders with compliance documents standing on the shelves in the stores. They want to bid farewell to compliance documents stored on computer drives accessible only to the franchisees. The vision is clear: The compliance portal should be the digital bookshelf for danbolig stores.


“Our vision with the compliance portal is that eventually it should function as all stores’ bookshelf. This is where all danbolig franchisees and employees can go and find information and training relevant to them.”

 – Birte Friis, Legal Manager at danbolig


At Conzentrate, we can realize this vision. Learning Arena is flexible, and our approach to work is dynamic. We always strive to meet our customers’ needs, and our collaboration with danbolig is a clear example of this.


“I find that Learning Arena has many different functionalities, even if they don’t exist on the platform. Conzentrate is accommodating to our needs, and they create a custom solution when we request it.”

 – Katja Otto Ebbeskov, IT Project Manager at danbolig


For danbolig, we have created a compliance portal that covers their needs for internal compliance training and documentation. We have delivered a product that meets the expectations danbolig had from the beginning of the collaboration. danbolig describes it best themselves: The journey has only just begun.

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