Carl Ras

Efter et år med Learning Arena LMS oplever Carl Ras allerede store fordele

In 1932, Carl Rasmussen opened the first store on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, a pure jungle of nails, screws, and other hardware for craftsmen. Carl Ras has been a family-owned enterprise for nearly 100 years, and that remains the case in 2023. After Carl, his son Cai Rasmussen took over, and Carl Ras expanded, now boasting 21 stores across the country.

At Carl Ras, they use Learning Arena LMS to enhance their employees’ skills and to train and onboard new staff. In their digital learning universe, known as the Carl Ras Academy, there are courses covering everything from compliance and IT security to courses on Carl Ras’ DNA.

This entire learning universe helps provide Carl Ras employees with a unique opportunity to always have up-to-date knowledge. If you’d like to read more about Carl Ras, you can do so at




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