Copenhagen Zoo

Development of an e-learning course for onboarding new employees


Copenhagen Zoo operates based on the hospitality concept, OPDAG (Discover).

OPDAG (Discover) stands for Ordentlighed (Decency), Passion (Passion), Dygtighed (Competence), Aha (Aha), and Glæde (Joy). It covers the values ​​from which we practice hospitality.

Copenhagen Zoo wants to ensure that all employees fully understand OPDAG (Discover) so that all visitors can feel the enthusiasm every time they visit the zoo.



In collaboration, the Zoo and Conzentrate have developed an engaging Onboarding course for all new employees at the Zoo, where the values ​​of the host concept are told and experienced through engaging videos.

For all the values, interactive exercises have also been created to ensure even more understanding of how they should be lived out and followed in everyday life.

I think the collaboration has been really good and fruitful. You are skilled individuals whom one can bounce ideas off along the way, and who deliver a good product in the end.

Cathrine Vihlborg Nielsen, HR Manager – København Zoo

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