Copenhagen Zoo

Development of an employee handbook for the employees of Copenhagen Zoo


Copenhagen Zoo, like many other companies, has an Employee Handbook that is distributed to and reviewed by all employees upon hiring.

It is typically a bit dry and comprehensive to read, where many of the topics deserve some extra attention. Therefore, Copenhagen Zoo has chosen to focus on some of the most important topics in the Employee Handbook through a visually appealing and engaging e-learning course.



In collaboration, Copenhagen Zoo and Conzentrate have selected a range of topics from the Employee Handbook and shed light on them in this engaging e-learning course.

The topics vary and cover both duties and rights in daily work, with a strong focus on how employees ensure that visitors to Copenhagen Zoo have the best experience while also upholding the values of the zoo and complying with legislation.

I think the collaboration has been really good and fruitful. You are skilled individuals whom one can brainstorm with along the way, and who deliver a good product in the end.

Cathrine Vihlborg Nielsen, HR Manager – Copenhagen Zoo

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