E-learning course on workplace safety and security at construction sites


Energinet needs a course that ensures everyone working at Energinet’s construction sites understands the rules for occupational health and safety. Currently, Energinet’s occupational health coordinators teach the safety rules at Energinet’s construction sites.

It is resource-intensive and involves a lot of travel for both Energinet and the contractors to gather everyone for training on the same day.



Conzentrate has produced a 30-minute course on occupational health and safety at construction sites, where the user has the opportunity to learn the essential occupational health and safety rules required to access Energinet’s construction sites.

The course concludes with a test that must be passed.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate. You should always have it available either digitally on your smartphone or tablet or as a physical print when you are at Energinet’s construction sites, so they can see it upon request.

We have been working with Energinet for several years, and we are incredibly proud to have just closed a framework agreement with them valid for the next many years.

John Tørring, Learning Strategy Manager – Conzentrate

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