The Munck Group

E-learning course on safety and working environment


Munck Group wanted to consolidate and streamline safety instructions to ensure everyone receives the same training and knowledge. It is important that the course contributes to building a common culture and safety culture based on ‘Zero Accidents’.

The course should convey occupational health and safety in an easily understandable manner. It should be highly visual and avoid excessive use of text.

The course should provide a solid foundation for a common start at Munck Group.



Occupational health and safety courses are divided into smaller, easily accessible modules so that the course can be tailored to the needs of each target group.

It is structured as a visual universe with various locations, job functions, and experts, where all relevant occupational health and safety instructions are conveyed through visually engaging everyday scenarios.

The modules conclude with a test that the employee must pass to receive a certificate.

Munck Group has many foreign employees, so the courses are produced in Danish, English, Polish, and Romanian.

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