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The Danish Sports Confederation (DIF)

At the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF), the decision was made to implement e-learning. Initially, the concept of e-learning seemed abstract. After a presentation of our platform, Learning Arena, and knowledge about how e-learning can be shaped and designed, DIF had no doubt that Conzentrate was the right match. At Conzentrate, we could offer what DIF desired, both in terms of the learning aspect and on the technical level regarding Learning Arena.


“Conzentrate has great knowledge and experience with e-learning and has talented individuals who can focus on the didactic part. Everything is on one platform, and it works well.”

 – Peter Gottlieb, Project Manager


The Danish Sports Confederation & Learning Arena

We have designed Learning Arena so that several of DIF’s different associations can log in to their own customised platform. This means that when a member of, for example, the Danish Swimming Union logs in to Learning Arena, they are redirected to the Danish Swimming Union’s unique version with e-learning courses tailored specifically to this association.

At Conzentrate, we have also designed flexible templates that the individual associations can freely use for e-learning according to their own preferences. At the same time, DIF also has the opportunity to design the content of the various e-learning courses themselves.


“Learning Arena’s built-in authoring tool is definitely commendable, as we were able to build most of what we wanted without the use of external tools.”

 – Peter Gottlieb, Project Manager


In addition, Conzentrate has also facilitated course administration for DIF, which means that DIF and their associations can tailor which courses their members should have access to and when. With this function, they can always ensure that the members of the associations and others have access to exactly the courses that are relevant to them.


“Conzentrate’s course administration is particularly unique. They are good at understanding our world, have good support, and if everything goes wrong, there is always someone to call. At Conzentrate, you are always heard.”

 – Peter Gottlieb, Project Manager

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