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How to create e-learning courses and teach 200 international partners independently of time and place

E-learning programs on an international scale

Tasklet Factory, headquartered in Aalborg, distributes its solutions to more than 30 countries worldwide. They specialize in developing their Mobile WMS solution, an application for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365FO & NAV/365BC, which is implemented on handheld scanners used for various inventory-related tasks in businesses.

According to Lars Bjelke Fisker, who deals with e-learning and communication at Tasklet Factory, the company experienced a need for digital learning. Digital learning became a necessity in relation to the way the company conducts business today. Tasklet Factory sells its solution through a partner network consisting of approximately 200 partners spread across 30 countries worldwide. The widespread partner network required Tasklet Factory to be accessible to their partners in all time zones. Therefore, there arose a need for a digital solution that, regardless of time and location, would allow them to educate their partners about their products. Similarly, digital learning was also intended to contribute to a broader educational method for salespeople, consultants, and developers associated with Tasklet Factory and their partner network.


All requirements fulfilled

Tasklet Factory had several needs and requirements regarding their search for a provider of an LMS. Among other things, there needed to be the possibility of developing and managing e-learning courses independently. This is something that we at Conzentrate have made possible with our built-in authoring tool. Additionally, the system needed to be able to share files, track users’ learning activities, and it was essential that the provider had an effective support function. Based on these specifications, Tasklet Factory’s choice fell on Conzentrate and our LMS, Learning Arena – and a collaboration was initiated.


An LMS tailored to the customer’s needs

Today, Tasklet Factory uses Learning Arena, covering all their existing training and education needs for their partners worldwide. Through Learning Arena, Tasklet Factory has the ability to develop and set up e-learning courses, share files, and track data, as well as generate reports via the platform. According to Lars Bjelke Fisker, Learning Arena has had a positive impact on both internal and external parties.


“We have many features in use in Learning Arena, and it has really been an asset to always have our materials available on one stable platform.”

 – Lars Bjelke Fisker, Project Manager at Tasklet Factory


Tasklet Factory has achieved several positive outcomes after implementing Learning Arena in the organisation. Lars Bjelke Fisker states that the company has saved over 300 hours previously invested by partners in training. Likewise, Learning Arena has contributed to significant optimisation of internal processes, partly due to the file-sharing capabilities and other procedures that previously required many resources. Today, Learning Arena is actively used by Tasklet Factory for training and educating external partners, as well as for internal employee training, development, and competence enhancement. We initiated our collaboration with Tasklet Factory back in 2016, and we are pleased that we continue to contribute to their digital education efforts in 2021.

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