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Digitalisation in the employment sector with digital learning by MYRUP & NYHAUGE

When Conzentrate partnered with MYRUP & NYHAUGE in 2019, they were a completely new player in the field of career guidance and the Danish employment sector. They had a clear vision: They wanted to streamline the way unemployed job seekers are activated. Just 3 years later, in 2022, MYRUP & NYHAUGE delivers digital career guidance to educational institutions, unemployment insurance funds, and job centers across the country.

MYRUP & NYHAUGE was founded by Daniel Myrup and Rikke Nyhauge in 2019 after many years of experience in career guidance and the employment sector. The idea for MYRUP & NYHAUGE arose from a common ambition to supplement physical career guidance with digital learning, thereby allowing job seekers to access preparatory materials before attending job centers.

With this idea in mind, MYRUP & NYHAUGE began producing digital learning content, and when the first partnership agreements were secured, they began their search for a provider of a digital learning platform that they could offer as part of their services. They wanted to find a provider that could deliver a stable system and function as a close collaborator. For MYRUP & NYHAUGE, it was important to find an LMS that could serve as an overarching portal with multiple entrances for the various job centers, unemployment insurance funds, and educational institutions. With a solution like this, the platform could be customized based on each customer’s brand and tailored with content that is relevant and targeted to their audiences. As a startup company, the price was also crucial in choosing a provider, and it was important to find an LMS that matched their budget without compromising on the platform’s requirements. MYRUP & NYHAUGE chose Conzentrate as a partner because our LMS, Learning Arena, met their requirements.


“At Conzentrate, we haven’t just purchased an LMS. We have bought into a partnership where there is not far from demand to solution.”

 – Daniel Myrup, Owner of MYRUP & NYHAUGE


The whole idea of offering a platform as part of their services arose because they wanted to give job seekers the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful for their unemployment and job search, whenever and wherever it fits into each job seeker’s life. Daniel and Rikke’s many years of experience as career advisors have taught them that when only physical courses, workshops, and career counseling exist, there will always be citizens who are prevented from participating, and there is a risk that job seekers will forget what they have learned. With the digital guidance produced by MYRUP & NYHAUGE, job seekers have the opportunity to access the platform 24/7 and go through the learning content available to them as many times as they need.


A platform with different portals

With over half of the 10 largest municipalities in Denmark, MYRUP & NYHAUGE provides services to a total of 18 job centers across the country. Each job center has its own unique portal that matches its brand and needs. At Conzentrate, we have created a platform that allows MYRUP & NYHAUGE to manage all their clients’ platforms via one overarching platform. With this solution, it is easy to upload content that matches each client’s orders of content based on their needs and target groups. The content varies not only by customer segment but also from job center to job center. Some job centers deal with more target groups than others. These may include target groups such as recent graduates, skilled workers, welfare recipients, and the like. MYRUP & NYHAUGE produces content that suits their clients’ target groups, and with a solution like this, they can easily and clearly handle which content should be uploaded to each client’s platform.


A success at the job centers

At the job centers, the platform is a great success. In addition to being able to track which videos are most played and how much time each citizen spends on the available digital learning materials, an essential status lies in the reports generated by the platform: Namely, a whopping 40% of all activity on the platforms occurs outside the normal opening hours of the job centers. For the job centers, this means that Learning Arena contributes to reaching citizens to a greater extent than they can physically. And for MYRUP & NYHAUGE, it means that they have addressed a market need where their content is attractive to job seekers and can be accessed around the clock.


“With Learning Arena as our platform, we ensure that citizens have access to learning materials from home, so they are already well-prepared when they come for a meeting at the job center.”

 – Daniel Myrup, Owner of MYRUP & NYHAUGE


Integration with digital learning

One of the major advantages that MYRUP & NYHAUGE saw in us when they chose us as their provider of a digital learning platform was that our system was flexible. It was important for them to find a partner who could adapt to legislative changes within the employment sector or in case the platform required renewal to accommodate new content and new target groups.

MYRUP & NYHAUGE is constantly renewing itself, and one of their core competencies is the ability to keep up with the changes in the industry they operate in and adapt to both customer and end-user needs. Therefore, it was no surprise that when the war broke out in Ukraine in March 2022, MYRUP & NYHAUGE quickly produced digital learning content in Ukrainian for Ukrainian citizens in Denmark, so they could quickly get help with integration and job search in Denmark. And just as effective as MYRUP & NYHAUGE is, we at Conzentrate try to match our customers’ level. In just one week, we translated the entire platform into Ukrainian so that the system matched the learning content the Ukrainian citizens needed to go through.

After just 3 years, MYRUP & NYHAUGE is far along in their journey, and they are highlighted by the Danish Association of Municipalities as one of the most recommendable companies in the digitization of the employment sector. We are proud to be part of this as a partner to MYRUP & NYHAUGE. From the beginning, our LMS, Learning Arena, has played a central role for their company and the services they offer their customers. At Conzentrate, we look forward to being part of the continued journey and contributing to MYRUP & NYHAUGE’s ability to convey their knowledge, skills, and messages within the employment sector digitally, and continue to revolutionize and streamline the experience for job-seeking citizens in Denmark.


“Conzentrate thrives on their customers, and they focus heavily on customer service and creating value in the collaboration. That’s our experience, and we can attest to it.”

 – Daniel Myrup, Owner of MYRUP & NYHAUGE

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