About Learning

When updated course material and 'best practice' are combined with a modern LMS

Hanne Houbak runs the company About Learning, where they specialize in teaching learning processes in the corporate world. These processes can consist of many things, but especially involve a mix of digital learning, blended learning, and face-to-face learning.

All this teaching and learning processes at About Learning are based on the 4MAT principles, which are used to design brain-friendly learning.

At About Learning, they have long been searching for an LMS Platform that can help them with some of the challenges they face in their daily work. These challenges stem from the possibility of gathering all their learning in one place, so that learners and instructors can always find updated material.

The Learning Arena LMS helps Hanne and her colleagues share files, ensuring that their material is always up-to-date, allowing them to work according to ‘best practice’. If you would like to read more about About Learning, you can do so here www.aboutlearning.dk.



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